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What is Travel Pay?

Travel Pay aims to disrupt the global travel and tourism sector by offering a universal international travel payment system. With Travel Pay, travelers and commuters can journey around the world while using one convenient means of payment in all major cities and tourist hotspots around the world using their incredible Travel Pay card to pay for Cabs, Busses, Trains, Trams, Airplane tickets and much more!

The Travel Pay Card is the perfect travel companion for all international trips. It is a smart, cost effective, convenient and secure alternative to pay for your trips. It offers instant loading and activation, enabling you to start using the card immediately to purchase your international flights. As Passport Cards become more popular and accepted in place of a passport books, we plan on incorporating passport identification (once fully adapted) to make the frustration of international travel a thing of the past.

Imagine traveling from Amsterdam to Hong Kong and then to the United States. Now, imagine paying for all of that, and every other transportation need, with your Travel Pay card. We make International travel simple! Keeping costs down is a critical part of travel for most people. Add to that the fact that a newly arrived traveler is prime for scammers, price gougers and tourist traps; the last thing you need is to overpay for transportation. Not knowing the price conversion of a foreign currency off the top of your head can really add up from overspending simply because you do not understand the price. In the EU alone, tourism trips in 2015 averaged €408,306,000.

Travel pay Presale

Maximum Supply: 50,000,000 TRP M/node Presale: 500,000 TRP Initial Price: 0.00002 BTC Round 2 Price: 0.000024 BTC

Important Notice: Due to the expected high demand during the Travel Pay presale, there will be a limit/cap on the amount of TRP contributors are allowed to buy. Max: 250,000 coins per round.


Travel Pay - TRP Presale

500,000 thousand coins will be distributed during our presale.

The Travel Pay presale will consist of 2 rounds. If all presale coins in a round gets sold out, we will move on to the next directly, but at a higher price. Due to expected high demand for the Travel Pay presale - there will be a cap of max 250,000 TRP per round.

500,000 20 Masternodes


250,000 10 Masternodes

Round 1

250,000 10 Masternodes

Round 2

Travel Pay Specifications

Coin Identity

Travel Pay (TRP) is a masternode coin with an X11 mining algorithm and Dark Gravity Wave 3 for difficulty readjustment. This retargets the difficulty to prevent the time-warp exploit found in Kimoto's Gravity Well.

Blockchain Technology

Travel pay uses decentralized blockchain transaction technology with a 1 minute block time at a maturity of 60 blocks | 1 hour. There is an anti-instamine in force up to block 200; 100 coin reward until block 75,000 and 50 coin reward thereafter.

Limited Supply

Only 50 Million coins will ever be generated. This will ensure the scarcity of coins and ultimately increase the value of TRP due to its anti inflationary nature.


Travel Pay offers standard transactions that can be tracked on the blockchain or private transaction options (the origin of the transaction is completely anonymous unless the owner would want to reveal their identity).

TRP Masternodes

In order to transform a wallet into a masternode, exactly 25,000 TRP is sent to an address generated inside the wallet. Setup includes generating a masternode key and updating a masternode.conf file with the generated info. An easy to follow guide is available to assist with this.


Holding TRP in a wallet for one hour transforms a standard wallet into a staking wallet. Mining rewards are then paid directly to the staking wallet. The more coins held in the wallet, the greater the staking reward.


Mining pools are up and running. Head over to our Discord for a complete listing.


We have already submitted partial payment to Crypto Bridge and have listings ready to be submitted to other exchanges once the Travel Pay presale has ended.

Exchange Listings

We have already submitted partial payment to Crypto Bridge and have listings ready to be submitted to other exchanges once the Travel Pay presale has ended.

We will annouce new exchange listings on Twitter, Discord, Telegram and travelpay.today

Road map

By applying blockchain technologies, we are able to deliver a decentralized database that solves issues that have hindered databases since its invention. With a decentralized database architecture, the system will have zero downtime. Masternode and Staking technologies serve as the core engine that powers the network. The two technologies combine to process current and future tasks in our decentralized networks. In return for their participation, the network will compensate for work provided in the form of TRP coins.

Our vision: Travel Pay is an innovative full-service agency that offers ideas that set us apart in an increasingly indistinguishable world.

Q1 2018 Q2 2018 Q3 2018
Release Travel Pay Masternodes online listing Create Customer Support department
Release wallets Release website - Customer portal release April 30th Distribute Travel Pay SmartCard
Release whitepaper Exchange listing Travel Pay Smartcard going live
Release Andriod and iOS wallets
Release Android and iOS app
Develop + Test Travel Pay SmartCard
Partnerships with major industry leaders

Masternode ROI

Masternode worth: 0.6BTC

Owning a TRP masternode is a great way to earn a passive income. Anyone holding 25,000 TRP in their wallet will receive 70% of each block in return for helping maintain security of the network.

Total Masternodes Online Return on Investment
5 Masternodes 29,400% - ROI 0.484 BTC per day
10 Masternodes 14,700% - ROI 0.242 BTC per day
15 Masternodes 9,811% - ROI 0.162 BTC per day

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